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Xu Shaohua to the Great Bay Area investigation: accurate positioning function to broaden the develop

July 18, the provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Xu Shaohua and the provincial authorities responsible comrades, to Jiangmen City, the development of large and wide Bay Comprehensive Development Zone, the construction of the Jiangshun Bridge project, the Guangzhou Bay inert landfill , Xinhui Yinhu Bay, Guangdong Rail Transit Industrial Park and other projects.

Xu Shaohua said the provincial government to support Jiangmen City on the planning and construction of the Grand Bay Development Zone, the idea of the hope that Jiangmen City, around the "Pearl River Delta to achieve the 'nine-year long span' of the new growth pole, the Pearl River Delta radiation hub of the hub of the West, Pearl River West Bank Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao major platform for cooperation, the province's marine economic development base, "the development of strategic positioning, scientific planning, rational allocation of resources, and actively promote the development and construction of large Bay Area. At present, we should pay close attention to the relevant approval and overall planning work, reasonably determine the scope of the starting area, accurately locate and divide the functional areas, and broaden the development space. To actively explore the establishment of investment institutions to manage the operation of related assets, resources, both for the development and construction of funds, but also to achieve the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets. Xu Shaohua asked the relevant departments in the project approval, planning, land development, etc., Jiangmen City to speed up the construction of large Bay Area to be guided support.

On the morning of the 18th, Xu Shaohua also inspected the Jiangmen City Disabled Persons Integrated Service Center, hoping Jiangmen City to further innovation mechanism, through the government to purchase services, etc., the introduction of more social forces to participate in medical rehabilitation work for the disabled.