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Deng Haiguang received party members and masses: for the private matter to do things difficult

In accordance with the provincial party committee on the party's mass line education practice activities of the unified deployment, July 24 early in the morning, Vice Governor Deng Haiguang came to Huizhou City Daya Bay District Aotou Street Party representative studio reception party members. The studio representatives in the studio to take turns and collective access, to receive a day visit, interviews and visits to the form of condolences and other members of the masses, Deng Haiguang here to visit five groups of visiting party members. Party members and some people reflect the work of village cadres and living conditions, and some put forward the fishermen to change jobs and improve the economic income of fishing village recommendations, and some suggestions to give college students more policy support. Deng Haiguang asked in detail about the basic situation of each group of visitors, recorded the aspirations and opinions of the masses, patiently answered the masses to reflect the problems, and constantly with the relevant departments responsible for research measures, and with the visiting provinces and municipalities responsible departments responsible comrades Site office, for each reflection of the matter are put forward specific views, with particular emphasis on the party members to pay attention to resolute and reasonable practical difficulties, and asked the relevant local and departments to strengthen follow-up supervision, according to the law to promote the problem to be resolved in a timely manner.

Deng Haiguang detailed understanding of the operation of the party representative studio, and how to further innovation in the work of the studio made comments. He stressed that all levels should conscientiously combine the current practice of the party's mass line education practice, firmly establish the sense of purpose, enhance the concept of the masses, for the tangible things, good things, difficult things. We should give full play to the role of the party representative studio to contact the masses, constantly innovate the work philosophy and methods, face to face to listen to the views of the masses, in-depth understanding of the aspirations and demands of the masses, the masses reflect the strong and prominent problems, to be timely and timely to seriously solve. In solving problems, resolve contradictions, and promote the development of effective efforts to strengthen and improve the style of construction.