Product Detail
SF320 TPMS with 4 External Sensors, Cigarette Lighter Plug LCD Display
Code: SF320 Series: TPMS
Spec: MD Material: PLASTIC
Color: BLACK Brand: atdiag
Model: SF320

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System could monitor tire dynamic pressure, which helps you avoid tires puncture and leakage, save fuel, reduce tire wear and increase traffic safety.

Kindly note:
1. Available for 4 tires household vehicles up to 6 meters.Special car style like sport cars, trailers, trucks will not be available.
Sensor signal distance: The normal distance is 3-5 meters (10-16 ft). Beyond 10 meters (33 ft), the signal would not be clear.
2.The TPMS couldn’t deal with vehicles that require different alarm tire pressures in different tires.
3.The alarm won’t be low even if you have the radio going. You could stop it by pressing random button.
4.You should use the included sensors, not factory (OEM) sensors. Or it won’t work with the monitor.
5.Please refer to the detailed instruction manual. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at the first time.

1.Pressure Range: 0-3.5 Bar (50.75 Psi)
2. Default alarm value: 29 Psi-43.5 Psi/ 2 Bar-3 Bar. The high alarm value could be customized between 1.1 Bar-3.5 Bar /15.95 Psi-50.75 Psi.
3. Pressure Sensitivity: +/-0.1 Bar (1.5 Psi)
4. Temperature monitoring:-40 ℃-+130℃.Only alert if the temp is higher than the default value 70℃(158℉).
The temp alarm value also can be customized between 60℃-90℃(140℉-194℉).
5. Monitor Display Size: 1.02*1.57 inches (26*40 mm), suitable for usual cigarette lighter.

6 Steps for DIY Sensors Installation:
1.Unscrew the valve cap
2.Screw in the hexagon nut
3.Put in the washer
4.Insert and tighten the sensor
5.Tighten up the hexagon nut to the sensor following reverse direction with spanner
6.Test air leakage with soapy water

Package Contains:
1 x Tire Pressure Monitor
4 x Tire Pressure Sensor
1 x Opener End Wrench
1 x Hexagon nut wrench
4 x Hexagon nut
1 x Silica gel ring
1 x English instruction manual